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Binding Rulings


Binding RulingsIf the Commodity Classification service does not give you the definitive answer you are seeking, then we suggest you consider seeking a “Binding Ruling” from Customs. The purpose of the Binding Ruling is to have the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Service provide you with a definitive classification for the “specific” item for which you want a firm HTS code and, thus, a duty rate. This will be the confirmed HTS classification that will be used for that item regardless of what U.S. port of entry you use for that import. East-West Associates can, for a nominal fee per item, assist you in seeking this binding ruling from Customs and the peace of mind that comes with it. This process will enable you to compute your long term landed cost as well as avoid delays and other potential issues regarding proper classification. You can also visit Custom’s “Ruling Online Search System“. This service is especially important if you expect to bring multiple shipments of this product through multiple ports of entry. Contact us today and allow one of our licensed brokers to assist you.