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Cargo InsuranceOne of the most unrecognized elements of shipping both internationally and domestically is insuring your shipments. Not only do things happen beyond the control of you or the carrier, but also you may be financially responsible in certain situations. Additionally, all carriers—whether they be ocean, truck, rail or air carriers—put limits of liability or cargo loss exposure on their contract of carriage (in most cases the fine print on the back of the bill of lading). This is established practice for all carriers and something you cannot avoid. In addition, should you be shipping internationally via water and the vessel is damaged or even sinks, you may be libel—according to international maritime law—for a portion of the cost to repair or replace the lost cargo or even the vessel (“Declaring of General Averages”). Most shippers or importers do not know this! As a service to our clients, East-West Logistics can provide you with an extremely cost competitive quotation. The insurance that we can provide to you is underwritten by an AAA rated insurance carrier and is surprisingly cost effective. Ask your East-West Logistics representative today for a very competitive quotation.