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LCL TruckOften our clients have smaller shipments that neither fills a container or a trailer. Location and/or distance are not factors when it comes to the importance of these shipments. East-West Logistics handles these smaller shipments with the same attention to detail and high level of service. These shipments can be around the corner or 3,000 miles away. Often, warehouse clients distribute quantities of product that will exceed the size of a truck trailer but yet not fill a second trailer. We ship this “overflow” shipment to the same destination as the full trailer and ultimately provide the client with a service that is seamless. This meets the expectations of both our clients and their customers. LCL trucking is not an afterthought at East-West Logistics; it is a prime service we provide with the same attention to detail we apply to all trucking shipments. Just like we do for full trailers, we will track the progress of these shipments to ensure a successful outcome at destination.