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Local Truck Drayage


Local Truck DrayageAs an importer or exporter who uses full container ocean transportation for the movement of goods, your containers must be drayed from either the loading point or to the delivery point. Generally, the term drayage refers to the short hauling of containers. This short haul is usually less than 150 miles each way. East-West Logistics can provide you pricing and make the arrangements for the pick up or drop off of your local containers no matter what type or size. (20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, 45HQ) If you are delivering or picking up 20 foot containers that are deemed overweight (within certain limits), we can—in most cases—handle those containers for you legally and safely. We have access to hundreds of trucks and can often move containers on short notice. All our drivers are insured and properly licensed. Whether you need to move just one container or many containers, we can provide you with a fast professional service with competitive pricing.