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Auto Shipping

Auto ShippingIn today’s export market, there is a strong demand for US and other vehicles in other countries. There is also a demand for large auto exporters who move regular shipments of autos, small boats, and even small travel trailers that fit inside ocean containers. Loading automobiles, small boats and even small travel trailers into a container is a very common process. East-West Logistics uses the latest loading technology to ensure the safe and damage free delivery of these vehicles at destination. For you, the shipper, this process is simple—have these vehicles delivered to our warehouse with the proper documentation and we do the rest. We stage it, load it, secure it and send it off to its new destination. At East-West Logistics we can handle the loading and securing of these types of vehicles and ship them, damage free, to their final location. The process is established and simple. We invite you to ask us for a no obligation rate quotation.