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Bulk Shipping Projects

Bulk Shipping ProjectsBulk agricultural products, bulk steel, and bulk iron ore are just a few of the products traded around the world that requires the chartering of bulk vessels. East-West Logistics takes this type of shipment very seriously. We have on staff the former bulk manager for a major steamship company. With his leadership and expertise we have become a recognized participant in this very important element of international trade and commerce.

Bulk product can be large steel shipments, large volumes of building materials, the excavated materials from an underground mine, or even bulk agricultural products such as rice or wheat. Such a transportation process takes both physical coordination and an understanding of the many facets of transportation involved in getting these from their source to their final destination. Often these items are very heavy and the ground transport to get these products to a vessel is a challenge that is only accomplished by selecting the right forwarder, a forwarder with excellent knowledge of this very specific field. As an example, we are working on a project that will last at least one year. During that year, over 1,000,000 metric tons of iron ore will move from a mine in the middle of New Mexico to a plant in the middle of China. The steps involved will start with picking up the product by train or truck in New Mexico and delivering it to a bulk loading facility in California. From that facility the product will be loaded to bulk vessels on a very tight schedule. The product will then sail to China where it will be off loaded and delivered by rail or truck to an inland destination. This will happen 8-10 times during the course of the year. Coordinating this kind of project takes an experienced forwarder.

If your company has a possible bulk shipment, give us the opportunity to provide cost estimates and logistical details for moving that product. Bulk shipping is a very specialized field, and East-West Logistics is a recognized specialist. Do not hesitate to consider the sale of bulk product anywhere around the world. You buy and sell it; we’ll handle getting it to your client.