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ConsolidationsIf purchasing your imported or exported products from multiple suppliers, East-West Logistics can provide a service that will reduce your shipping costs. Our consolidation service enables you to deliver shipments from multiple suppliers to one origin location. Not only can we consolidate your product into full container or trailer loads, thus reducing multiple shipments to single larger shipments, we can also provide online loading detail that will enable you to quickly identify what inventory is in route and when it will arrive.

Many of our clients today purchase goods from multiple suppliers in China. If they did not consolidate those numerous shipments, their transport costs would be considerable. Let’s consider the client who imports toys. He or she may purchase different toys from different manufacturers. Rather than shipping many small shipments to their warehouse here in Southern California, they have their shippers deliver their goods to an East-West Logistics warehouse in Shanghai. There, East-West Logistics on behalf of our client collects these smaller shipments and loads them into one container. We then ship what might have been 6-8 shipments as one container with one bill of lading. This provides the client with a much more efficient and cost effective logistics program.

Because it reduces overall transportation costs and increases the level of efficiency, many shippers and importers use consolidation. The cost for this service is small compared to the overall savings accumulated. Contact us today for a cost analysis based on your specific needs.