Blue containership with containers East-West Logistics can handle all your import shipments from anywhere in the world. We handle large volumes of containers every week from China and all of Asia, as well as Europe and South America. Every year we negotiate and sign contracts with the leading carriers in order to provide the most efficient and cost competitive services. Whether you import from Shanghai, Shenzhen or Stuttgart, East-West Logistics can assist you with high performing service and competitive pricing.

When it comes to providing quotes, we know that many clients are pricing transportation costs into their supply chain and must have a full end to end quotation quickly and accurately. We can help you compute your landed costs, determine the best logistics method in order for you to respond back to your client with solid information details. We understand that a speedy response can make all the difference between making a sale or not making a sale.

In cases where clients have continuous import programs from the same origins, or even from multiple cities within the same country, East-West Logistics can work with the appropriate carriers to develop service contracts that may aid in reducing shipping costs. In addition, as a 3PL, East-West Logistics can review all elements of transport from inland trucking, to rail services, to possible consolidations, to even warehousing options in order to develop a full shipping program focused on service improvement and cost reduction.

Contact us today for a no obligation rate quotation. Within 24 hours we will provide you a quotation for your (FCL) Full Container Load or (LCL) Less than Container Load shipments.