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Over-Dimensional Projects

Over Dimensional ProjectsNot all imported, exported or even domestic shipments will fit in a conventional container, trailer or flatbed. When you want to move items like oversized machinery, vehicles or materials, it is critical that you have the expertise to move these both safely and legally. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge, especially when items move inter-modally. At East-West Logistics we understand what must be done to make ocean transportation a successful effort. We have managed a wide range of projects, from moving an entire factory from Canada to China, to moving oversized cotton harvesters from the southeastern United States to China. To many companies this would be an over-whelming task. To East-West Logistics, it was just another challenge we accomplished successfully.

Contact us for your next over-dimensional shipment and we’ll not only provide you rate quotation, but we’ll show you how safely and efficiently we can move your next over-dimensional shipment.