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Rail TransportationIf you’re shipping large quantities of goods or materials and pricing is a critical issue, you may want to consider the railroad option. Rail can be less expensive than truck transportation, and railroads can provide some equipment and services that just can’t be matched in terms of efficiency. These efficiencies can only be realized if your product is conducive to this type of transport mode. If you are moving bulk products, heavy goods, or other materials and a slower transit time is not an issue, then the rail option should be considered. To take advantage of this potential option both the shipping point, destination point, and facility must meet some specific criteria. We will take the time to study your shipments, do the proper investigation at both origin and destination, and possibly run some test loads before we are fully satisfied this option can work to your advantage. If we deem it can work for you, it’s because it works efficiently and it substantially reduces your cost. For the right shipping situation, the rail option can be dramatic in its ability to help you increase profit.