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Special Projects


Special ProjectsOften over dimensional shipments are just parts of a bigger project. For example, East-West Logistics has moved whole factories from North America to Asia. These dismantled factories have both over dimensional shipments and containerized shipments. The staff at East-West Logistics coordinated the multiple ocean shipments from end to-end from within the U.S. to their final delivery destinations within China. This is just one example of the kinds of projects that East-West Logistics can handle for you. Whether you want to move a factory to China, 100,000 tons of iron ore to Asia, or yachts from Taiwan to the U.S., East-West Logistics can handle these projects for you. These projects can involve transportation, loading, crating or other special protective packaging. These special movements can entail ocean, air, rail, truck, or a combination of all of these. East-West Logistics can handle the obtaining of special permits and other required documentation, and in the end provide, a seamless one-stop shipping program. You tell us what you want to transport, and we will do the rest.