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Surface TransportationAs a 3PL, East-West Logistics wants to help you move your shipments to their final destination. Whether you have imported products via ocean transport, or air freight, or you have goods that are domestically produced, at some point they will move to you or your client. East-West Logistics is an expert in moving product by land. We can move it by container, by trailer, by lift gate truck, by van, by boxcar, by flatbed truck, by intermodal trailer and by many other conveyances—there are lots of options. In many cases you need a Freight Forwarder who can advise you on the most appropriate options, as well as the most cost efficient options. While the concept of moving product over land from point A to point B is a simple one, the sheer number of options available to you makes it an important decision that requires expertise in consideration of what you are shipping, destination, and arrival time. East-West Logistics can advise you, or—if you desire—make these decisions, enabling you to concentrate on designing, procuring and selling your products.

Why do very large importers and exporters often have transportation departments and in some cases segregate both international and domestic transportation services? Selling great products is of course critical to a company’s success. Getting those goods to market on time and in a cost effective manner is just as important. The on-time delivery to your client’s door is a crucial step in meeting your client’s needs and expectations and thus maintaining a long-term relationship. East-West Logistics can be your domestic transportation and distribution department. Let us know if we can help you meet the important goal of maximizing your surface transportation dollar while meeting your client’s expectations.