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TransloadingThe process of moving cargo from one type of equipment to another is called transloading. If you import an ocean container into Los Angeles and need to truck those goods directly to Denver, then you will move your goods from the ocean container to an over-the-road trailer. In those cases we would pick up your container at the harbor and return it to our warehouse where we will have an over-the-road trailer standing by. With timely notice we can pick up your container and transload all in the same day. Transloading is also a way to reduce the number of units you are moving to a distant location. Depending on your product type, you can often put three 40 or 45 foot containers into two 53 foot over-the-road trailers, thus reducing your inland expense. East-West CFS handles many of these operations in a given week. We understand how to coordinate with your trucker to ensure that the empty trailer and the loaded container are here at the same time. By coordinating your moves in an efficient manner, we can save you money. Contact us today for a competitive quotation and let East-West CFS do the rest.