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Warehousing and DistributionIn the supply chain, the impact of the segment of Warehousing and Distribution often is underestimated. In many transport scenarios the last segment of the supply chain is the distribution of your products to your client. Often, what the client receives is heavily influenced by what the warehouse does in terms of processing orders. In today’s marketplace, an inappropriate pallet or a label in the wrong place can mean “chargebacks” to you. A delivery one day late (or even early) can mean real impact to your bottom line in terms of financial penalties. Yet in the real world, the selection of a warehouse or distribution center is often simply made based on price. At East-West CFS, we have many long-term clients. Why? Because we understand that knowing what your customers expect greatly influences what we do and how we do it. We understand that not following the established requirements of the store, distribution center, or factory to which we are forwarding your goods is not just poor service, it is lost dollars for you! Handling your distribution based on your expectations and those of your customer is the number one priority of our East-West CFS management team. If you need a distribution facility on the East or West coast, the choice is simple. Select a company that truly understands what’s important—the needs and expectations of your clients. East-West CFS understands that if you please your clients, they come back for more. We are just part of your team. Please contact us today.