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Congestion at Chinese boxports highlighted

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LA/LB Pier Congestion Port Drayage Surcharge

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Who is East-West Logistics?


Hello and welcome to East-West Logistics and our family of international transportation and 3PL logistics companies. For 18 years we have provided importers and exporters services that enable them to move their products to market efficiently and successfully. Whether you use our Transportation Logistics (East-West Logistics, Inc.), Customs Brokerage (East-West Associates, Inc.) or Warehouse (East-West CFS, Inc.) divisions, you will always come away with the same impression: East-West Logistics provides effective and professional services delivered by true transportation professionals. In order to meet that goal we have experienced and customer-focused staff who understand your business and, most importantly, your expectations. We know that most of our clients are experts in their respective fields. Whether it is Food Products, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Electronic Products that emit radiation, or General Merchandise, you know your business yet you may not be an expert in how to transport that product to market. The central focus of East-West Logistics is to provide a one stop resource to move your products to the end user in an efficient and cost effective manner. Let us handle the transportation aspects of your supply chain so that you can focus on what you do best, the selling of your products and making a profit.

Travel through this website and find out what we can do for you.

Are You an Experienced Importer or Exporter?

Whether you have been involved in international trading for ten months or twenty years, you know that the logistics industry evolves day by the day: carriers offer new services, governmental regulations change and emerging logistics trends occur daily. At East-West Logistics we focus on staying aware of these changes so you can reap the benefits of that knowledge. Those benefits often come in the form of reduced transportation and logistics costs. Are you sure your customs broker or logistics provider is aware of all the changes that can affect your bottom line? Call East-West Logistics and gain that certainty.

Are You New at Importing and Exporting?

While many of our logistics clients are long-time international traders, we are experienced at working with individuals and companies just entering this marketplace. Understanding not only the different modes of transportation but also the governmental regulations affecting your products can be an overwhelming task for many new traders. As you start your new business we enable you to concentrate on selling your goods, and we will concentrate on successfully getting them to market for you. Call us and find out how you can benefit from letting East-West Logistics help you deliver the goods!