Ocean Transportation

East-West Logistics is a FMC registered NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) full-service freight forwarder with many ocean transportation options. Whether you are importing or exporting, East-West Logistics can move your shipments by water in a myriad of ways: containers, over-dimensional freight or less-than-container load shipments.

Air Transportation

As an IATA certified Air Freight Forwarder, East-West Logistics can move your shipments to and from all areas of the world. Due to its higher cost, air freight requires extremely careful consideration as to routing, carrier and other critical considerations to ensure cost effectiveness. At East-West Logistics, we clearly understand that any client who considers the air freight option wants a forwarder who is knowledgeable and experienced and can offer the best options based on the client’s needs.


Customs Brokerage

As an importer, you need the services of an experienced Customs Broker. An experienced Customs Broker will help you avoid the errors and delays at the port of entry as well as compliance with the rules and regulations of Customs and other government agencies.


Warehouse, Distribution

and Fulfillment

In the supply chain, the impact of the segment of Warehousing and Distribution often is underestimated. In many transport scenarios the last segment of the supply chain is the distribution of your products to your client. Often, what the client receives is heavily influenced by what the warehouse does in terms of processing orders. In today’s marketplace, an inappropriate pallet or a label in the wrong place can mean “chargebacks” to you. A delivery one day late (or even early) can mean real impact to your bottom line in terms of financial penalties. Our warehouses are FDA registered to accommodate storage and FDA inspections.