September 28, 2017

Here at LAX/LGB ports, the chassis shortages have been a growing problem since 2014. Currently, all steamship lines are charging chassis usage fees to the trucking companies. All LAX/LGB ports and rail stations do not provide chassis services, instead we have a “Pool of Pools” (POP).

Pool of Pools (POP) – Four major marine container chassis pools operating in the San Pedro Basin port

  • DCLI, TPSP, Flexi-Van, and SSA with a com...

May 25, 2017

Trade Policy Updates

On May 9, 2017, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) initiated its less-than-fair-value duty investigations on “Certain Cold-Drawn Mechanical Tubing of Carbon and Alloy Steel from the Federal Republic of Germany, India, Italy, the Republic of Korea, the People’s Republic of China, and Switzerland” (Initiation Notice). These investigations have been assigned the following case numbers: A-428-845 (the Federa...

Trade Agreements and Enforcement. The Presidential Trade Transparency Act (S. 408, introduced Feb. 16 by Sen. Wyden, D-Ore., and H.R. 1172, introduced Feb. 16 by Rep. Neal, D-Mass.) would require the president to disclose income, assets, and liabilities when initiating or continuing trade or investment negotiations with a foreign country, taking or refraining from taking certain trade enforcement actions, or granting or modify...

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